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Videos have demonstrated its power in expressing and communicating information, entertainment and capturing the attention of the audiences in this digital world. Our high-resolution videography is ideal marketing tool to well capture your story and bring life to your property and it\'s surrounding.   

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Base Titanium
AHC_HEVA Project (Peperuka)

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Customer centred design

We create designs that have the end user at heart. With greater aesthetics that send content of your brand in an effortless manner.

Mobile/Whatsapp version

We'll provide light version videos that can be shared easily on mobile.

Website & Youtube version

We'll provide high resolution videos that will attractively and seamlessly play within your website and can be added onto your youtube account too.

Social media cover video

We'll further split the videos into short clips that can be used on your social media platforms time to time.

Featured Projects

AHC_HEVA Project (Lulu Kitololo)
AHC_HEVA Project (Peperuka)
Base Titanium
AHC_HEVA Project (Mambo Pambo)
Rockefeller Foundation- Demostration of Insect Farming In Kenya
AHC_Patinaai Osim

- Client Testimonials

"The passion and sense of organized methodology while carrying out projects speaks volume for their professionalism and commitment. They have a natural gift for translating a property and story behind it into a beautiful website backed up by stunning HD photography..."


Diana - Marketing Director

Lerruat Log Resort

"...I met the Hotlist Team at the KICC Homes Expo. They are friendly yet professional and easy to interact with; this makes a big difference in-as-far as getting an effective product upon project completion. I highly recommend their services!"

Mwikali - Research & Development Manager

Cheriez Properties

"....working with Hotlist Group Ltd was one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable creative collaborations I have ever experienced. During the project presentation, their knowledge and experience in working with hotels and having a diverse portfolio immediately drew us in. I look forward to working with them again many more times..."


Joseph - General Manager

Qaribu Inn, Loresho
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