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A vitual tour is a 360 degree view of any location. It basically allows you to view any side of a property as desired i.e turn left, right, up or down to see any side of the property.

It can be viewed from any device; a smartphone, tablets or computers. 

Save time & money!

Projects Of The Week

Mpesa Foundation Academy
Taste Poa Cafe

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<p>A virtual tour allows you to have a 24/7 open place. it also allows you to take your business to the client at any one point and don\'t have to wait for your clients to come to you.&nbsp;</p>

Free Hosting

We'll host your virtual tour on our servers for easier worldwide/online access... at no extra cost!

1 virtual tour, 3 versions

Your property will be accessible on all Smartphones (iOS & Android), tablets,laptops and desktops.

Plays within your website

We'll add your virtual tour onto your website as a complimentary value added service... no extra charges and will not open on another tab but plays within the site

Analytic reports

We provide analytics report on when and where its viewed from and how long your property is being viewed.

Virtual tour reality (VR) compatibility

Sit back, wear your VR glasses and immerse your clients into an amazing walkthrough into your property.

Social media friendly

The Virtual Tour link can be shared onto your facebook or twitter page as a post. And you can use the same link and share via WhatsApp too.

Featured Projects

Mpesa Foundation Academy
Taste Poa Cafe
Delhi Public School
Victoria University

- Client Testimonials

"The passion and sense of organized methodology while carrying out projects speaks volume for their professionalism and commitment. They have a natural gift for translating a property and story behind it into a beautiful website backed up by stunning HD photography..."


Diana - Marketing Director

Lerruat Log Resort

"...I met the Hotlist Team at the KICC Homes Expo. They are friendly yet professional and easy to interact with; this makes a big difference in-as-far as getting an effective product upon project completion. I highly recommend their services!"

Mwikali - Research & Development Manager

Cheriez Properties

"....working with Hotlist Group Ltd was one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable creative collaborations I have ever experienced. During the project presentation, their knowledge and experience in working with hotels and having a diverse portfolio immediately drew us in. I look forward to working with them again many more times..."


Joseph - General Manager

Qaribu Inn, Loresho
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